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Human Resources Support and Consulting Services

We are known for being pragmatic, clear, direct, knowledgeable, but most of all approachable. Our support programs are designed to address the pressure that businesses are under, we can support or handle all HR activities. We offer packages that echo your way of working. Our consultants assess your current state and identify gaps or opportunities for improvement.

Our highly skilled professionals work seamlessly with you to improve, manage, and execute your strategic initiatives. Our consultants are guided by your goals and objectives, and tailor their work accordingly, every step of the way. 

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Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management is another significant advantage of employing the best HR consulting services is the proper working and execution of human capital management.

Our services help develop incentive systems for employees, improves the recruiting method, and also delivers expert staff supervision. If getting the right recruits and retaining them is the purpose, then our HR consulting services may be the perfect option for your company.

Our Consulting Services

With proven expertise, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current HR function and provide recommendations on the operating model and structure. We will review all of the organization’s internal HR-related systems. Your consultant will then assess the HR staffing structure, model, and capabilities of the team. From there your consultant will deliver a set of recommendations for changes meant to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function. 

Whether it’s providing consultancy across the entire HR spectrum or working with you on just one focused project, we always offer practical support in a professional but relaxed way to help our clients achieve the best possible results. 

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Our HR Support Services Include:

Office Administration, Diversity, Management Support Services, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Recruiting Services, Executive Search, Specialist Staffing, Human Capital and Training Solutions For Veterans, Employee Retention, Human Capital Assessment Victim Advocacy Services, HR Compliance Audits, Safety and Health, Placement Services, Educational Support Services, Change Management, Workplace Conflict Management Services.

Temporary Services, Workforce Shaping, Operation Support Services Sharp, Military Spouse Employment Services (MSEP), Comprehensive Workplace Wellness Implementation, Employee Handbooks, Manpower Analyst Support, Information Management, Professional Services, Transition Support Services, HR Information Systems, Compensation Plan Development, Army Wounded Warrior Advocate Support, Warrior Transition, Employee Training, Organizational Planning, DEERS/Rapids Military ID Common Access Cards, Professional Speaking, Soldier's Benefits Support, ROTC Support Services, CIS Pre-Screening Background Investigative Support, Position Management and Classification, Content Management Support Services, Employment/Education Outreach Services, and Records Management.

Support Services

Human resources are a vital aspect of any organization. Our services provide workplace training, investigations, and HR support services to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness. With years of experience, our HR support portfolio is vast, and our veteran staff has the capabilities, and expertise to help in any area that you have a need.

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Customer Service At Its Best!

Just as bad people – practices sour employees on their employer, a great support department can turn even the most difficult circumstance into an opportunity for a better workplace.

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