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The Benefits of a Teaming Agreement

Under Schedule CTAs, contractors complement each other and it allows teams to compete for orders for which they may not qualify independently. Government contractors may establish a team arrangement with another company as part of a contract win strategy.

Such arrangements represent a common way to combine complementary capabilities and resources to compete effectively for contracts. In essence, a team arrangement moves a potential subcontractor’s active involvement forward into the pursuit stage.

By using a CTA, government buyers can:

  • Get a total solution by contractors who team together to complement each other

  • Satisfy socioeconomic procurement goals.

By forming a CTA, contractors can:

  • Compete for contracts which they wouldn’t otherwise qualify

  • Increase their market share and become more competitive

  • Reduce risk by sharing responsibilities with other team members

  • Focus on the supplies and services that best match their company’s resources and strengths

  • Find greater success as a small and/or disadvantaged business

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