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Team DD214 

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The Benefits of Working With Our Team

We are proud veteran professionals with an ethos of service running through our blood. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) provide a myriad of HR services and training programs to your workforce including senior leaders, Executive Directors, Directors, Managers, and high-potential talent. The experience, capability and passion of our team is the foundation for our success in serving our partners.

That’s why our agency, and our services are all about the importance of investing heavily in recruitment, skills development, and forming a work environment that fosters growth.

Business Capabilities Page: Team

Recruiting Support

Human Resources  Strategic Planning

HR Advisory and Consulting

Position Analysis and Classification 

Organizational Development 

Performance Management

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Project Management

Performance Management and Motivation Strategy

Leadership Development

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Change Management

Event & Meeting Facilitation

Talent and Manager Development

Organizational Design

HR Policies and Procedures

HR and Compliance Audits

Compensation Benchmarking Studies

Employee Handbooks and Policy Development


New Employee Training


Business Capabilities Page: Testimonials

Capabilities Statement PDF

Business Capabilities Page: Files
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