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Save Time, Money, Find & Hire Employees, Sooner.

We are veteran HR professionals with over 25 years of experience serving in HR. We are dedicated to helping our partners develop a legally compliant, scalable, and sustainable workforce and HR infrastructure that aligns with their organizations mission, vision, values, and objectives. We are advocates of the benefits of diversity, and the many merits of hiring veterans for the workforce. We believe that the American workforce must have diversity, professionalism, and adaptability to fulfil its mission to compete on a global scale for our economic stability, and national security.

Team DD214 has the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex HR issues of your organization. Our bona fide HR experts each have extensive experience in HR Recruiting Services, Workforce and Leadership Development, HR Compliance Audits, Classification, Executive Searches, Safety and Health, Placement, SHARP, Employee Handbooks, Diversity Recruiting, HR Information Systems, Compensation Plan Development, Employee Training, Organizational Planning, Professional Speaking and more! 

Our support services were designed to be flexible and affordable.

As a small business we understand the fact that most companies these days have less than a full-time HR staff. Our support services were designed to be a more cost-effective way for businesses to obtain comprehensive professional HR support, and workforce development services without breaking the bank.

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Team DD214 Services

Proven Results

Job Boards

You have the need, let us save you the time. We post jobs and recruit candidates from over 18 sources and we are able proactively screen potential candidates saving you the time. Our services also promote jobs to diverse populations of professionals. 

Outreach Services

We cross-post our job opportunities on social media and other avenues for a broader reach. We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. We then strategize using smart tools and global resources in order to promote your jobs across a vast range.

Our Recruitment Services

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. We partner with your hiring manager and recruitment team on strategy, including recommending an appropriate advertisement and posting the position on local, regional, and national channels, journals, and publications. We develop a candidate profile and coordinate the recruitment marketing campaign. We ensure the job is posted and distributed via ads, internet, trade associations, mail, email, etc.  We carry out recruitment processes. We receive and review resumes/submissions, determine that the candidates meet minimum qualifications and follow up with telephone interviews to clarify each applicant’s qualifications and experience.

We in collaboration with your HR, screen all applications, including the performance of in-depth reference, media, and background checks if needed and the evaluate candidates’ educational background, past job performance, criminal history, financial background, and any other pertinent factors in accord with applicable law.

We assist with interviews and compensation negotiations if necessary, coordinate the candidates’ schedules and participation in the interviews. We respond to potential candidates and keep them updated on the process and stages. We facilitate the identification of finalists by presenting a summary of the qualified candidates with the most promising qualifications and experience. We debrief the interview committee following each candidate interview and identify additional candidates if necessary.

As an added bonus to our clients we are HR consultants with over 25 years of experience across HR and we are able to assist in advising you on any HR areas, services, or important steps that are not listed above.

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The average cost of a bad hire is up to 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings according to the U.S. Department of Labor. However the average cost can be as high as $240,000 in expenses. The costs broken down relate to hiring, retention, and pay. Poor hires can result in lost productivity and expenses in hiring, recruiting, and training replacements.

Any business can hire a bad apple. It’s not easy finding qualified candidates that are high performers so there’s no reason to beat yourself up about it.

However, it is important to realize the true costs of hiring the wrong person, which can lead to thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. 

We help by being very selective with who we send your way and we make sure to quickly spot bad candidates. 

If you need to hire new talent for your team but think you are lacking the time or resources to do so? Don't fret reach out to us and we can help. We are your partners in making sure your business has the type of workforce it needs to thrive. 

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Our Services

Recruiting/Job Posting/Advertising

You’re probably struggling to find good people like most organizations in America but we can help with that. Most organizations have been caught off guard and left scrambling to find people. We help you make your next great hire. Fast. We post your open role in minutes, to the best job boards on the planet. Team DD214 will advertise your job to the highest quality and most relevant job seekers available, in no time flat.

We post your jobs to 50+ first-class job sites. Indeed. Ziprecruiter. LinkedIn. Google. Local. Global. just to name a few. We put your open job posting everywhere you want it to be, all at once. We save over 40% posting to premium job boards. We offer diverse candidates, and an inclusive process. Our ATS services have integrations with the best DEI-focused job sites so we also make it easier for you to fill your funnel with more diverse candidates.

Workforce And Leadership Development

Our workforce development program isn’t a “one and done” initiative to train your employees. Rather, it’s an ongoing process of educating and empowering your workers so that they can tackle the workplace problems of tomorrow. You don’t have to tackle workforce development alone. 

Our leadership development plans are strategic plans designed from real world experience as staff and staff leaders. Our programs are designed to help employees gain and develop leadership competencies and prepare them for management and leadership roles within an organization. 

HR Consulting and Support

Our extensive network of talented human resources specialists is ready to deliver, no matter the requirement. We are a boutique agency so no red tape working with us we can be used ad-hoc and we are cost-effective.

Executive Search

When the search is complex, and discretion and confidentiality are at a premium, our services can help your company attract the very best and most diverse pool of candidates in your industry.

Our service empowers customers to significantly increase their direct candidate pipeline. Customers can take advantage of our expertise to improve candidate response, decrease time-to-hire and manage specific hiring projects from internal resources. How can our executive search solutions help transform your business? By building leadership teams that are just as passionate about what your company does as you are. 

Administrative Support

Whatever business you’re in, you’re sure to see a spike in administrative work from time to time. We offer cost effective services that are meant to help us build a partnership by being a great helping hand to you. 

Entrusting the dedicated professional team at The DD214 Staffing Agency and HR Consultants with your administrative requirements, whether they be on an ad-hoc, overflow, short or long-term basis. While we worry about HR you can focus on your business and increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Teaming and Partnerships

We are seeking to partner with forward-thinking, dynamic companies to collaborate, through bundled services to enhance both our capabilities and the quality of services provided to the stakeholders while also offering the best deal for the dollars. 

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and we must work together to make things right. We are all in this to be make a living but what I am working on just as much is building a business that is positively impactful while making money at the same time.

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Measuring return on investment (ROI) most companies find both direct financial benefits and valuable organizational benefits when they hire veterans. Finding, developing and keeping the right people on your team during these times of staffing issues, rapidly changing economics and changing workforce demands is paramount to the present and future success of a thriving organization.

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We are advocates and examples of the benefits of diversity. We are examples of the greatness in America. It is no coincidence that the strongest countries and largest companies in the world are also some of the most diverse. 

There is substantial research to show that diversity brings many advantages to an organization: increased profitability and creativity, stronger governance and better problem-solving abilities. Employees with diverse backgrounds bring to bear their own perspectives, ideas and experiences, helping to create organizations that are resilient and effective, and which outperform organisations that do not invest in diversity.

Many of us know intuitively that diversity is good for business. The case for establishing a truly diverse workforce, at all organizational levels, grows more compelling each year. The moral argument is weighty enough, but the financial impact - as proven by multiple studies - makes this a no-brainer.

In this era of globalization, diversity in the business environment is about more than gender, race and ethnicity. It now includes employees with diverse religious and political beliefs, education, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientation, cultures, and disabilities.

Companies are discovering that, by supporting and promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace, they are gaining benefits that go beyond the optics. Business has the transformative power to change and contribute to a more open, diverse and inclusive society. We can only accomplish this by starting from within our respective organizations. We are proudly your partners in making that happen. 


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