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Government Services Support Corps LLC 

We are veteran government support professionals with over 30 years of experience serving across various agencies as members of the armed services, as federal civilians, and as contractors. We understand the needs of government agencies and its employees intimately.  

We are dedicated to helping our partners fulfil their requirements in a way that aligns with their organizations mission, vision, values, and objectives.

We believe in America. With our support services we seek to be a resource for our government partners. We are honored to help serve our country. We offer our partners our knowledge, experience, and adaptability as a tool in the tool box as you work hard to accomplish your agencies mission. 

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Measuring return on investment (ROI) most companies find both direct financial benefits and valuable organizational benefits when they hire veterans. Finding, developing and keeping the right people on your team during these times of staffing issues, rapidly changing economics and changing workforce demands is paramount to the present and future success of a thriving organization.

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